high school students walking through a park

Looking Ahead: 2021, A Year for Park Equity

Within the last several years there has been growing momentum to address park equity and the lack of green space in under-resourced communities that are largely inhabited by Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). This year in particular, taught us how deeply entrenched health disparities are in BIPOC communities and how access to green space […]

Esther Feldman, Board Member

Board Introductions: Meet Esther!

Despite the unexpected transitions caused by COVID-19, we are very excited to announce the on boarding of five new board members to NHF! This week’s spotlight features Esther Feldman. NHF Marketing & Communications Manager, Stephany, had the opportunity to chat with Esther to learn more about what inspired her to join NHF.   Q: What is your […]

Exploring Creative Ways to “Parkify” a Neighborhood

Exploring Creative Ways to “Parkify” a Neighborhood

In my last article, we explored how decades of discriminatory policies have contributed to the disparate access to greenspace experienced by low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. This next piece will highlight unique methods for incorporating new greenspace into communities where open space seems like such a rare commodity. Creating greenspace in a concrete jungle […]