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Turning NIMBY into YIMBY: NHF on NBC4's Life Connected
While many communities have bristled at the idea of having homeless services in their neighborhood, Pico Union worked arm in arm with NHF to create a recuperative care facility that serves 62 individuals experiencing homelessness who have recently been released from area hospitals. NHF's collaboration with and support of the community has since flourished and a core group of neighbors are working to beautify the parkway in front of the campus and have plans to beautify the entire neighborhood in the coming months.

Who is National Health Foundation
National Health Foundation is a community-based organization in Los Angeles committed to improving the health of under-resourced communities. We believe every individual, regardless of who they are or where they live, deserves an equal opportunity to be healthy. Research shows that somebody’s zip code has more impact on one’s health than somebody’s genetic code. NHF is trying to fix things like access to healthy fruits and vegetables, access to affordable housing, the ability to get an education, the ability to get a good job and have transportation to that job, and have parks in your neighborhood to exercise, in communities where there is a disproportionate difference.

City Impact Lab Breakfast w NHF's Kelly Bruno
National Health Foundation CEO Kelly Bruno shares words of leadership wisdom at the December 2018 City Impact Lab breakfast, telling fellow social impact change makers to "take risks," "embrace your authenticity" and don't be afraid to "be vulnerable."

KLOS Radio Interview: NHF Partnership with Fitness Kitchen LA
National Health Foundation CEO Kelly Bruno and Fitness Kitchen LA's co-founder Tom Aaron appear as in-studio guests on the KLOS (95.5) Frosty, Heidi, and Frank Morning Show. The two organizations have teamed up to improve the health of underserved communities and boost nutrition by providing healthy meals to those experiencing homelessness and recovering from illness.

NHF's Pico-Union Recuperative Care Progression Video
See how far we've come! From the beginning days of construction through the grand opening celebration on Oct. 12, 2018, experience the progression of National Health Foundation's new recuperative care center in Pico-Union for homeless patients leaving the hospital.
Tour of Pico-Union Recuperative Care Center Pre-Construction
National Health Foundation is set to transform a century-old sanitarium into a 62-bed recuperative care facility in Pico-Union for homeless residents discharged from local hospitals. Courtesy of the Office of Los Angeles City Council Member Gilbert Cedillo, District 1.

SXSW 2018: Making Health Equity a Reality
Can you imagine a world in which everyone has a fair chance to be healthy? It starts with the removal of obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination and lack of access to good jobs, and ends when the immutable characteristics of race, gender and sexual identity are no longer correlated to higher rates of adverse health outcomes. The result is healthier communities. Hear what NHF President & CEO Kelly Bruno and other leaders at the forefront of this movement have to say about our role in shaping the future of health.

BUILD Health Challenge
The BUILD Health Challenge utilizes youth leaders to identify and implement solutions to healthy lifestyle barriers such as a lack of access to healthy food, a lack of access to open space for physical activity, and safety concerns.
Sherolyn Scott's Success Story
Sherolyn Scott shares her story about life on the street and how National Health Foundation's recuperative care program found her a place to live and saved her life.