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In the News

ABC7 Eyewitness News
ABC7 Eyewitness News, "Coronavirus: Organization provides temporary housing and care for SoCal homeless with medical conditions"
June 15, 2020
In response to the COVID-19 crisis, an organization is now providing temporary housing and care.
Park La Brea News Beverly Press Logo
The Beverly Press, "More housing secured to combat homelessness"
June 4, 2020
National Health Foundation’s contribution to the Project Roomkey program focuses on people who need medical support.
Modern Healthcare Logo
Modern Healthcare, "Refuge from COVID-19"
May 25, 2020
Using medical respite to stanch the pandemic's spread among the homeless may offer a path for its growth.
Victorville Daily Press Logo
Victorville Daily Press, "Victorville aims to build High Desert’s largest homeless shelter"
March 6, 2020
Initial plans for the largest homeless shelter in the High Desert were unveiled during a City Council meeting earlier this week. The center would also provide on-site services from nonprofits and government agencies that would bring resources for mental health, as well as job and housing assistance.
LAist Logo
LAist, "LA County Hospitals Were Told To Stop 'Dumping' Homeless Patients, But Their Options Are Limited"
September 6, 2019
For years, videos of ambulances dropping patients off on street corners prompted outrage and, eventually, legislation to stop it. But California hospitals attempting to comply with the new law run up against this stark reality: There are not enough beds available for homeless patients exiting hospitals.
Ventura County Star, "Hospitals struggle to find shelter for discharged homeless patients"
August 28, 2019
When a homeless patient is discharged from the hospital, they're often sent to a recuperative care center for time to heal and recover. The problem? There are not enough beds.
NBC4 Station Logo
NBC4 Life Connnected, "National Health Foundation Bonds With Community, Shelters Recuperating Homeless"
August 25, 2019
NBC4's John Cádiz Klemack visited NHF's Recuperative Care facility in the Pico-Union district where the homeless crisis is connecting the community and welcoming individuals experiencing homelessness into their neighborhood.
USA Today Logo
USA Today, "Motels as homeless shelters? More local governments are housing people in motel rooms"
August 14, 2019
Los Angeles County is just one of several areas across the country that, with the help of nonprofit organizations and developers, has begun renovating or leasing motel rooms as a way to uplift its homeless population. The Reno Motel in Los Angeles is one of these.
La Opinion, "Pico-Union da la Bienvenida a Centro de Recuperación para Indigentes"
October 14, 2018
While other places reject shelters for indigents, this Pico-Union community has come together to help create a new recuperative care center serving the homeless.
Los Angeles Business Journal, "Homeless Recuperative-Care Facility Opens in Pico-Union Following $1M Renovation’"
October 12, 2018
National Health Foundation opened a 62-bed recuperative-care facility in Pico-Union for homeless residents discharged from nearby hospitals, alongside HomeAid Los Angeles and Etco Homes.
CALmatters.org, "As California Struggles to House the Homeless, Some Neighbors Say ‘Welcome’"
October 9, 2018
When many Southern California communities are fighting the establishment of new homeless facilities in their neighborhoods, Pico-Union residents are embracing this new center, many of whom have been involved in its planning and building as volunteers.
California Health Report, "New Law Does Little to Guarantee Support Once Homeless are Discharged from Hospital"
October 3, 2018
Kelly Bruno says new law mandating a new process for discharging homeless patients from hospitals misses the bigger and more urgent problem of assuring sufficient beds and supportive care are actually available.
Huffington Post, “Hospitals Are Releasing Homeless Patients Back To The Streets. There’s A Better Way”
April 24, 2018
HuffPo explores recuperative care facilities as a safer and cheaper alternative than the streets. Sherolyn Scott shares her personal story and how National Health Foundation saved her life.
Woodbury University, “Woodbury Collaborates with National Health Foundation to Improve Housing for Homeless Patients”
April 19, 2018
Woodbury’s School of Architecture students design new spaces in National Health Foundation's new recuperative care facility.
California Health Report, "Converting Motels to Homeless Housing is Good Business"
March 16, 2018
Kelly Bruno pens op-ed on why new LA law making it easier for motels to be converted into temporary housing is a win-win for everyone.
New Frontier Chronicle, "New Recuperative Care Center Finds Home at The Salvation Army"
August 30, 2017
A partnership with National Health Foundation gives some of Ventura’s most vulnerable a place to stabilize after the hospital.
California Health Report, "After the Hospital, New Center Offers Shelter to the Homeless"
July 24, 2017
Newly opened facility provides beds and medical supervision for homeless patients so they can rest and recover after leaving the hospital, and prevent them from being readmitted to the hospital.
Ventura County Star, "New Ventura Center Gives Homeless Patients Place to Mend"
July 2, 2017
New recuperative care center for homeless patients discharged by hospitals opens in Ventura.