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Success Stories

From family reunification to successful permanent housing, National Health Foundation’s Recuperative Care program meets guests wherever they are on their housing journey. The success stories below are a testament to NHF’s commitment to providing critical services and support that meet the needs of each guest. Here are their stories.

I’ve forgotten how to do things like use a stove or a thermostat but right now I am just happy to be here.
Miss Rosie, Recuperative Care Client
Thank you for letting me go back to the real world. I’m in my house like a normal person.
Sherolyn, Recuperative Care Client
Being without a home exacerbated my situation. I would go on and off getting sick and being hospitalized.
Casey, Recuperative Care Client
They helped me grow, to be in touch with my own sense and sensibility.
Maria, Recuperative Care Client
You know you are going to be safe, you know you are going to be watched over.
Steven, Recuperative Care Client