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Thank you for letting me go back to the real world. I’m in my house like a normal person.

Sherolyn, Recuperative Care Client

Being without a home exacerbated my situation. I would go on and off getting sick and being hospitalized.

Casey, Recuperative Care Client

They helped me grow, to be in touch with my own sense and sensibility.

Maria, Recuperative Care Client

You know you are going to be safe, you know you are going to be watched over.

Steven, Recuperative Care Client


NHF Pico-Union Recuperative Care Facility in Los Angeles, CA

Housing our LGBTQ Neighbors After a Hospital Stay

As the Los Angeles homelessness crisis news begins to sink in, we must come to terms with some pretty daunting numbers. A 12% rise in homelessness. Nearly 59,000 are without shelter. People are losing their homes faster than we can house them. Within these larger numbers are communities such as our LGBTQ and gender expansive […]

NHF Pico-Union Recuperative Care Facility in Los Angeles, CA

More Work Needs to be Done to House our Homeless Neighbors

Like all of our neighbors, we are deeply concerned by the recent report that more of our neighbors are homeless than ever before. We appreciate the efforts of the many volunteers who took the time to get an accurate count and the results point to the fact that much more work needs to be done. […]

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Why I Love Social Work

I help people who are often at the lowest points in their lives. They may be dealing with illness, depression, homelessness, substance abuse, unemployment, loss, trauma or a host of other hardships. Seeing people struggle can be difficult, and when my friends and family see the emotional toll it can sometimes have on me, along […]