WEBINAR: Planning for a Learning Network among Los Angeles Medical Respite Payers and Providers

Thank you for joining us for the first presentation of Planning for a learning network among Los Angeles Medical Respite Payors and Providers on August 4, 2021. You may now access the presentation on YouTube by clicking on the video below.




Download a copy of the webinar presentation here.


Download a copy of the report with final results and findings.  


About the Webinar

Join us for a presentation of the results and a conversation on next steps around preparations for a Los Angeles Recuperative Care Payor/Provider Learning Network. As California moves to expand its Medi-Cal program through CalAim and begins to allow health plans to fund medical respite as an “in lieu of service,” many of these payors will be seeking contractual partnerships with providers to qualify and streamline their reimbursement requests. These contractual relationships represent significant potential barriers to and breakdown of Payor/Provider partnerships with a goal of streamlining that process, National Health Foundation and Pamela Mokler & Associates engaged a regionally focused group of Los Angeles payors and providers to brainstorm these issues and discuss opportunities to bring all parties together in a learning environment focused on collaboration and growth within the sector.

Introduction of this session will be conducted by Michelle Schneidermann, Director of the People-Centered Care Team at California Health Care Foundation, who seeded this project.