Why I Give!

Over the past few years, National Health Foundation has been building a cadre of supporters who feel compelled by our mission and are partnering with us to bring change to our Los Angeles communities. One of those ongoing donors is Neil Rotter along with his family. We sat down with Neil earlier this month to talk about why he supports NHF and why others should too.

NHF: Neil, tell us a bit about yourself.

Neil: Thanks for this opportunity to share about our family giving! My name is Neil Rotter. My wife Alison and I have raised two awesome children here in Metro Los Angeles. My wife and I met in social work school years ago and bonded over that shared interest, along with community volunteerism. When we were both starting our career, our charity of choice was the Jewish Family Services SOVA Food Bank. We volunteered there for 6 years and we really connected to that experience and the people there.

But as NHF deepened its impact on the homelessness crisis here in Los Angeles, we found that the mission was central to who Alison and I are as people: making the world a better place especially for those who are struggling. Today, I am the Chief Strategy Officer of Accredited Home Health Services. We are a large, family-owned company that services adult patients in need of in-home respite care.

NHF: You clearly have issues that are near and dear to your heart. What inspires you about NHF’s mission?

Neil: Our family has always been inspired by the leadership and the role that NHF takes in the community. NHF has incredible resourcefulness and an ability to find new ways to support people to be at the forefront of solutions. I’ve always appreciated NHF’s model of going into the community and working with partners and neighbors to solve issues at the community-level. Whenever an organization has strong partnerships with large health care partners and local community organizations, it means that the organization has credibility and value.

NHF: In a sentence or two, tell us why you give to NHF. 

Neil: There are so many organizations out there that do good work in our community. National Health Foundation has proven that they are a responsible organization; they do the very best for their clients and guests. I know that our contributions are going to make a difference and I trust NHF’s team to ensure that happens for their clients and guests.

NHF: Why do you believe others should support NHF?

Neil: We believe in basic rights to healthcare, housing, and food; things that everyone needs to thrive. And so, we want to contribute to organizations like NHF that solve those types of issues.

Clearly, we have a problem here in L.A. We can ask the city and the state for money but at the end of the day, we must ask ourselves how we’re contributing to the solution. We must think beyond ourselves and our immediate experience or these problems will continue to grow. There is no excuse as to why we –collectively, as a society– accept someone experiencing homeless. We challenge others to join us in taking care of those in need.

To join the solution, visit our donate page to make a contribution.