NHF Recuperative Care: Caring and Connecting

Cedric White has been homeless for 6 months and has spent nearly half of that time in the hospital. A liver transplant and a subsequent bout with pneumonia left the young man weakened and in need of care that extended well beyond his hospital stay. Through a partnership with National Health Foundation (NHF) and a local hospital, White was able to receive continued care at Mid-City Recuperative Care.

Like many individuals who have undergone major surgery, White had countless follow-up appointments he needed to make and manage. For individuals who have a home and resources such as a car and family support, such care is challenging, but manageable. For individuals without a home, the demands of post-operative care are rarely met and subsequent hospitalizations are frequently necessary.

With the help of staff at Mid-City Recuperative Care, White attended all of his appointments and his health has taken a turn for the better. His strength returning, the staff then turned their attention to connecting White with all of the resources available to him and to finding a permanent and stable housing situation. “The concept behind Mid-City Recuperative Care is to provide care to the whole person,” shared Shakoya Green, NHF Recuperative Care Program Director. “First we provide a safe and comfortable temporary home with medical oversight so that the patient may heal physically. Then we look at the situation that led to the individual losing their home and their health. By addressing the social determinants of health that challenged the individual, we can arrive at a path to health.” For White, there was a need to connect him with the Department of Public Social Services to apply for financial benefits. Then staff worked with White to secure a permanent home. White was connected with his birth mother in New Jersey who flew to Los Angeles to bring her son home.

When asked how he felt about his nearly 2-month stay at Mid-City Recuperative Care, White responded, “I am feeling incredibly blessed to have been here. After being in the hospital as long as I have, it was nice to reconnect with people. After getting a liver transplant, I feel like I got a second chance.”

Green added, “Mid-City Recuperative Care demonstrates and puts into action the idea that home is health. Without a ‘home,’ a person cannot thrive and be healthy. We are so pleased that we were able to connect Cedric with his family and walk with him on this part of his journey.”