2020 Anti-Hunger Policy Conference

Unpacking Social Determinants of Health & the Role of the Anti-Hunger Community

NHF President & CEO, Kelly Bruno recently facilitated a powerful presentation at this year’s National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference in Washington, DC. Over 200 participants joined her presentation on the social determinants of health and the role of the anti-hunger community on Sunday, March 1st. The presentation kicked off with a deep dive into the social […]

Exploring Creative Ways to “Parkify” a Neighborhood

Exploring Creative Ways to “Parkify” a Neighborhood

In my last article, we explored how decades of discriminatory policies have contributed to the disparate access to greenspace experienced by low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. This next piece will highlight unique methods for incorporating new greenspace into communities where open space seems like such a rare commodity. Creating greenspace in a concrete jungle […]

Share Table in South Los Angeles

Addressing Food Waste & Food Insecurity in South Los Angeles Through Share Table

Across the country, the USDA’s National School Lunch Program serves lunch to 30 million students every school day. While the program helps address the issue of food insecurity to some degree, it poses another problem – food waste. On average, the lunch program wastes $5 million worth of edible food every day, or $1.2 billion […]

Miss Rosie

Miss Rosie’s Way Home

Miss Rosie came to National Health Foundation’s (NHF) Mid-City recuperative care facility via our partner agency, People Concern. NHF and People Concern work together to provide pathways to housing for individuals requiring the medical oversight that recuperative care provides. The People Concern outreach team had met with Miss Rosie a number of times and had […]